Calhoun 37 Ridgland 0

The sign says it all!  "Let's get it started."  Last Friday night the air was thick with something other than just the humidity .  The anticipated rematch with Ridgland was being billed as the first real test for both teams.  Ridgland was trying to figure out how to replace several key position players and whether or not Calhoun had come up with a suitable replacement at the quarterback position.  While they may have been focused on our offense, they should have heeded the train whistle they... read more

Calhoun 37 - Rome 14

It's official.  The 2013 season is now underway and the winning tradition is alive and well.  It was a great night for football.  The cool temperature and absence of rain felt more like early October instead of mid August and if there were any questions that needed to be answered, I think they were answered tonight with an excellent showing by the varsity, JV, and 9th graders.  A lot of young men saw action and all levels put points on the board with the high powered quick hitting offense... read more